Why Public Libraries?

                         * Public libraries add nearly six dollars for every one dollar invested to the city economy annually
                           [as per return-on-investment studies conducted over the past few years]1

                         *There is an indirect correlation between access to library services and poverty

                                         *Libraries add cultural and economic value to the local community

                                         *Libraries provide opportunities for lifelong learning

                         *Students with access to libraries average higher test scores 2

                         *Libraries act as a repository for local history and information

                         *Libraries provide access to information to fulfill intellectual, educational, social, and recreational needs of the community

                         *Libraries close the gap between the Haves and Have Nots.


The Decatur Public Library Service Facts (2006)

                     *Over 155,000 people entered the library

                     *Approximately 127,000 items were checked out

                     *Over 5,700 people attended a library program

                     *Over 350 programs were offered -- an average of more than one a day!

                     *Over 16,000 people used the Internet services

 *Over 15,000 reference questions were answered

                     *The web site was visited approximately 100,000 times

                     *356 groups used the meeting room

                     *Collections include over 70,000 books, 250 magazines, and 9 newspapers

                     *Open 65 hours per week & 354 days a year

Other notes/services of the library

                     *Circulating collections include books, magazines, videos / DVDs, CD-ROMs, CDs, life essential skills /
                         GED collections, audio books, art prints, and audio-visual equipment

                     *Programs: story times and other programs for children; Teen Advisory Board; programs for tweens;
                         programs for teens; adult programs on computer use, quilting, crafts, book discussions,
                         film discussions, genealogy, and more

                     *Local and genealogical information repository

                     *Decatur Daily Democrat Index & Obituary Index online

                     *Laminating service

                                         *Lowest tax rate of all libraries in Adams County


                        1Callison, Daniel and David Lewis. "For Every One Dollar Invested Libraries Add Six More." Indiana Insight (June 2006), p.4-5.