The Adams Public Library System serves the people of Decatur and Geneva.  The Library is
 supported by the taxpayers of the City of Decatur and the Town of Geneva and by the
  sale of library cards to other individuals who wish to use the library's services. 
Adams Public Library Service Map & Card Types

A simple vote by the Township Advisory Board is all that's needed for you to be part of the library district. 
Townships are holding meetings this summer. 
Find out when your meeting will be held by clicking here.
Adams County commissioners could do the same for all residents of Adams County
with a simple vote.

Also, legislation has occurred for single libraries to allow their establishment or to extend districts county-wide.

The value of library service and the funding of county-wide library service in Adams County


The following pages offer more information about library service to the townships.

  What Are My Options?
Who to Contact
History of Service
Township Support for Library Cards
Non-resident Card Policy
Indiana Library Service Area Map
Why Libraries?

In July 2008, a township in Elkhart County voted to become part of the Nappanee Public Library.
Similar to townships in Adams County, a large percentage of the population in this township is Amish.
Any township advisory board may vote to become part of the library district by signing a resolution.

The Indiana Chamber has issued a statement on July 8, 2008 regarding key policy priorities including county-wide library districts and service for all Hoosiers.
Listen to Former Governor Kernan in his 51 second address on the need for library service for all Hoosiers.

Public Library Study
As a continuation of the state-wide Taskforce on Unserved areas, the
State Library has commissioned a study of the structure and
financing of public libraries. 

Interim Report
Read more.