1. The county commissioners could extend library service to two or more townships at any time.  This was done recently (4/21/08) in Franklin County extending library service to all Franklin County residents.

    2. The township could become part of the library district with the passing of a resolution to join the district.  This was done recently (July 2008) in Elkhart County in a township heavily populated by Amish.

                    What would it mean to the township resident?

  • guaranteed library service
  • no need to buy non-resident cards each year
  • no need to track down the township trustee for a library card voucher or reimbursement
  • a library tax (on the average, this is about half what a non-resident fee is now -- and it is for the entire household)
  • a savings on township tax
  • representation on the library board (currently the board must be comprised on individuals who are residents
    of the City of Decatur or the Town of Geneva)

What would it mean to the township trustee?

  • more time – no more meeting with residents to write out vouchers for library service
  • no need to budget for library cards
  • less work – no more need to maintain files on vouchers and individual residents/households

    3. The townships could continue to partially fund library cards for their residents who request vouchers.

    4. The townships could purchase non-resident cards for each township resident outside of a library district.


Population outside of any library district

Blue Creek 1,195
French 1,019
Hartford 880
Jefferson 947
Kirkland 885
Monroe 2,796
Preble 1,095
Root 3,033
St. Mary’s 1,264
Union 974
Wabash 2,091
Washington 2,400

        For More Information
        Contact Director Kelly Ehinger mailto:ehinger@apls.lib.in.us or by phone at 724-2605.