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                Marriage records from 1836 to the present are at the Adams County Clerk’s Office in the Court House. Indexes to marriage records 1845-1920 are at the Adams Public Library-Decatur. The Clerk’s Office charges $2.00 for a certified copy.


Adams County Clerk’s Office
Adams County Court House
112 S. Second Street        
Decatur,  IN  46733   
Phone:  (260) 724-5309
Then dial 2 for Clerk’s Office  
Hours:  8:00-4:30  M-F                                               



                Birth and Death records from 1882 to the present are at the Adams County Health Office. Birth records are not open to the public.  You may see an individual record if you know the name and date, but the public may not search the birth record books.  Death records are open to the public and individuals may search them. Indexes for records from 1882 to 1920 are in the Adams Public Library-Decatur.

                There is no charge for the information. Birth certificates are $15.00 for regular size and $15.00 for wallet size. You may purchase both for $25.00. Death certificates are $15.00. Individuals may write for copies. When writing, give the name, date of birth or death and the place of birth or death. Enclose the fee and a stamped self-addressed envelope.


Adams County Health Office
Adams County Service Complex 
Located: 3rd floor room 314 
313 W. Jefferson 
Decatur,  IN  46733
Phone:  (260) 724-5326
Hours:  8:00-4:30  M-F



                The Adams County Clerk’s Office has an index to administrationships and records of wills from 1837 to the present.



                An index to these records is at the Adams Public Library-Decatur.



               Adams Public Library-Decatur has copies of some of the original naturalizations and letters of intent. 



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            NEWSPAPERS on  Microfilm    

·        Decatur Eagle—1857-1874

·        Decatur Democratic Press—2/26/1892-3/16/1894

·        Decatur Daily Democrat—7/1880-to present

   Copies of the Decatur Daily Democrat are kept in hard copy until the microfilm of it arrives.

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·        Indiana Biographical Index  (microfiche)

·        1830 and 1840 Federal Population Census for Indiana  (IN REF CENSUS IN)

·        1860, 1870, and 1880 Census for Adams County Indiana  (IN REF CENSUS IN)

·        Adams County Indiana Birth Records:  1846-1920  (IN REF VR IN ADAMS)

·        Adams County Indiana Death Record Index--~1800-1998 (5 volumes)  (IN REF VR IN ADAMS)

·        WPA Death Records:  Adams County Indiana:  1882-1920  (INREF VR IN ADAMS)

·        Index to Marriage Records of Adams County Indiana:  1845-1920  (IN REF VR IN ADAMS)

·        Supplemental Record of Marriages for Adams County Indiana:  1845-1920  (IN REF VR IN ADAMS COUNTY)

·        Indiana Historical Society Publications:  Vol. 1-25  (IN 973 IND BOW)

·        Indiana Naturalization Records  (INREF 929.3 NAT)

·        Indiana Source Book(s)  I, II, III, IV, VII, VIII  (INREF 929.377 IND)

·        Index to Indiana Source Books  (IN REF VR IN)

·        WPA Index of Names of Persons and of Firms  (IN REF 977.2 WOR)

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·        Cemetery Records of Adams County Indiana:  Vols. I, II, III  (IN REF VR IN ADAMS)

·        Inscriptions from Miscellaneous Cemeteries in Adams County Indiana  (IN REF VR IN ADAMS)


·        Original Cross Reformed Church  (IN REF CH REFORMED)

·        Salem, Magley, St. Lukes, Honduras, Zion Friedheim and First Methodist  (IN REF CH METHODIST)

·        Adams County Church Histories  (IN REF CHU)

·        Methodism in Adams County  (IN REF CH METHODI)

·        Abstracts of the Society of Friends  [Indiana]:  I, II, III, IV, V, VI  (INREF 929.3 ABS)

·        History of Catholic Church in Decatur and Adams County:  1836-1980  (IN REF CH CATHOLI)

·        Salem United Church of Christ  (IN REF CH UNITED)

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·        Decatur & Adams County, Indiana:  1908 & 1937  (IN REF 917.72 DEC)

·        Decatur:  37, 47, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 67 to present  (IN REF 917.72 DEC)

·        Bluffton: 1948,1953,1957,1959

·        Huntington:  1906,1911,1912,1917,1918,1920,1924,1926-1932



·        Adams County Indiana 1840-1930  (microfilm)

·        Adams County Indiana 1830  (microfiche)

·        1850 and 1860 Federal Census of Van Wert County, Ohio  (IN REF CENSUS OH)

·        Indiana territory for 1807   (IN REF CENSUS IN)

·        Illinois 1810, 1818, 1820  (IN REF CENSUS IL 1)

·        Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States 1790  (IN REF CENSUS VA)

·        Pennsylvania 1790  (IN REF CENSUS PA)

·        New York 1790  (IN REF CENSUS NY)

·        Connecticut 1780  (IN REF CENSUS CT)

·        Allen County Indiana 1830-1840 Federal Census  (IN REF CENSUS IN)

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·        Adams County Historical Society History of Adams County Indiana 1979  (IN REF AND IN)

·        Snow’s History of Adams County  (IN REF 977.273 SNO)

·        Biographical and Historical Record of Adams and Wells Counties  (IN REF 977.272 BIO)

·        Standard History of Adams and Wells Counties Indiana , Tyndall   (IN REF 977.273 STA)

·        Other Adams County Histories  (977.2 ADA  - IN AND IN REF)

·        Family Histories  (IN REF)



·        Marriage License Book A:  1836-1844  (IN REF VR IN ADAMS)

·        Adams County Marriages”   (IN REF IN ADAMS)

·        Marriages East Coast 1781-1829  (microfilm) 

·        Kentucky Marriage Records  (IN REF VR KY)

·        Pennsylvania Vital Records  (IN REF VR PA)

·        Biographical Sketches Adams County Citizens:  A-Z  (IN REF 920 CIT)

·        Will Books A & B 1837-1888 Adams County (IN REF VR IN ADAMS)

·        Postmasters State of Indiana 1832-1929  (microfilm)

·        Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1750  [3 volumes]  (IN REF 973 COL)

·        Adams County Indiana Tax Lists 1845-1846  (IN REF 929.3 ADA)

·        Death Records, 8-1-1969 to 10-31-1997,  (Scrapbooks in Indiana Room)  (IN REF VR IN ADAMS)

·        A variety of genealogical research and resource guides.

·        Some listings of military service.

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CD-ROM’S (Disks available at Reference Desk)

Indiana Vital Records

  • Birth Index: 1850-1920
  • Marriage Index:  1850-1920
  • Death Index:  1800-1941

Census on CD-Rom’s

  • 1790 United States
  • 1800 United States
  • 1810 U.S. Federal Census
  • 1870 America – Indiana-born Heads of Household
  • 1870 Indiana Census Index
  • 1910 Indiana Census Index
  • 1920 Indiana Census Index
  • 1870 Ohio Census Index
  • 1870 Upper Plains Index

City Directories on Microfilm

#1 Bluffton City Directory   
    1948 - 1953 - 1957 - 1959
#2 Decatur City Directory
    1947 - 1953 - 1955 - 1957 - 1959
#3 Huntington City Directory
    1906 - 1911 - 1912 - 1917 - 1918 - 1920 - 1924 - 1926
    1927 - 1928 - 1929 - 1930 - 1931 - 1932



  • Microform reader/printer
  • Microfilm reader
  • Copier  (enlarge & reduce)



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Genealogy Policy


The Adams Public Library System Indiana Room, in Decatur, houses genealogical and local history materials. The collection includes standard genealogical references, local family histories, and information about Adams County, Indiana. Because most of these materials are non-circulating, we offer reference service through the mail answering simple reference queries.


Requesting Information Through the Mail

Staff at APLS-Decatur will answer queries sent to us through the mail as time allows if specific names and time periods are identified. Please provide the following information:

  • Your name, address, and telephone number
  • A limit on cost if you would like to specify the limit
  • Your query including the name(s), time period, and type of information requested


Associated Costs of Queries

$2.50 per query for patrons living in Indiana + $.20 / copy

$5.00 per query for patrons living outside of Indiana + $.20 / copy

More detailed information may be sought through the Adams County Genealogical Society.


Family Histories

The Library houses a family history section and solicits histories of local families. Anyone who wishes to donate a family history may do so. APLS's standard procedure is to send the document to the Allen County Public Library which copies and binds the document and returns three copies - one for Decatur, one for Geneva and one for the donator. The library will send back the donator's copy and add our copy to the family history section in the Indiana Room.



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